Time travel to Cuba

Cuba is certainly one of the most exotic and interesting places to visit.

Best time to visit Cuba.

It is best to visit Cuba from December to May, you can expect sunny days and blue skies.

Wet season begins in June and travel is not advised due to hurricane and harsh weather risks, interestingly more and more travelers are taking advantage of this low season to enjoy an almost tourist free country.

How to travel to Cuba ?

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Travelling to Cuba requires the following :

  • Valid Passport.
  • Travel Visa : you can apply for a visa at the Cuban consulate general or buy a visa directly from an authorized vendor.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Flight ticket.

While Cuba is very safe destination, your wallet will drain drastically if you travel on your own, renting a car is almost impossible, you will not have access to internet or GPS and the language can be a barrier.

Fortunately, there are specialized agencies working to make your trip worth it, by providing a local guide, a chauffeur, a dedicated schedule adapted to your needs and preferences for a magical travel experience in beautiful Cuba.

Before you travel to Cuba.

Cuba is a cash only country, you can convert your bank notes at the airport or hotels, bank cards do not work or the exchange rates / processing fee is too high.

Cuba is pretty expensive, as expensive as New York city, it’s important to take more cash than you need with you for the sake of emergencies.

Do not forget your electronic device chargers, camera battery, SD cards or cables, electronics in Cuba are three times more expensive and stores are limited.

Best spots and activities